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AGM on 16th December at 9:30am

The AGM and Musical Extravaganza will be held on Monday 16th December starting at 9:30am.
If you would like to stand for the committee please contact the secretary (Bronwyn Young, for a nomination form. If there is any general business you wish to raise, please contact Athol (, phone 0226457739). The AGM reports will be posted on the website when they become available.

Welcome to U3A Wakatipu

This is a development version of the new U3A Wakatipu website.  The change is being done mainly for technical reasons, the current website uses a now unsupported development system and by changing to a web based development system, modification of the site can be undertaken by anyone (who has the password!).   This website also formats for use on tablets and phones which the current one doesn’t do well.